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Bob Killmeier, DSCE

Retired Again Founder & President – Computer Controlled Designs, LLC
Retired VP, IT Team Lead supporting Corporate Communications –
Video Network Wells Fargo Bank

Twice retired, as a volunteer I'm now able to focus on sharing the Gospel, training others in sound business principles in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Leadership and the opportunity to use my computer skills for others.

Bob Killmeier was Founder & President of Computer Controlled Designs, LLC, applying his 16 years (prior to retirement from Wells Fargo in May, 2013) as an Enterprise Project Manager and Web Application developer at Wachovia Bank (a Wells Fargo company). Previous to that he was the Chairman of PeopleSoft Financial Services Industry User Group (FSI-SIG), and for several years, served as head of IT at Piece Goods Shop a 400-store coast-to-coast retail chain.

Bob led the technology effort to provide Kontiki’s on-demand desktop delivery to over 270,000 employees worldwide in addition to assisting in the transition from analog video production to digital production.

In February 2011, as a visionary in the industry, he received the Excellence in Enterprise Video Awards (EEVA). During his tenure at Wells Fargo, Bob led a technology team in the delivery of Digital Signage into Wells Fargo store lobbies and office buildings. He has served on the Digital Signage Federation’s Advocacy & Outreach Committee, and has recently served on Digital Signage Expo’s Advisory Board Consultant Council.

CCD specialized in applying "The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage" to insure successful client deployments.



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